Inexplicable Productions is The Zest Lab’s in-house video production studio.

We Tell Your Story

Inexplicable Productions was founded by a marketer-turned-filmmaker with a vision of creating high-quality video content that performs.

The studio isn’t afraid to be bold and take creative chances in order to tell a brand‘s story and achieve clients’ goals.

From nationally broadcasted television spots to organic social media content. Inexplicable Productions consistently delivers with an unbridled passion that will add value and engagement to your brand.

Inexplicable Production New York City Grand Opening Behind The Scenes

How We Can Help

Led by a Cannes Award-winning director, Inexplicable Productions’ capabilities expand far and wide.

Services and capabilities include commercials, social media content, editorial content, long-form content, and more.

Inexplicable Productions’ equipment catalog is just as expansive. From probe lenses for extreme close-ups to cameras that shoot 1000 frames per second, the studio is committed to capturing your vision.

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