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Direct Mail

Direct Mail

The Zest Lab believes that knowing your customer inside and out – and mapping out a promotional cadence best suited to their purchase cycle – is key to driving sales. With the customer’s journey well-defined, we can implement ways to keep traffic moving. For Cabinets To Go, we recognized the powerful impact direct mail would have if integrated into their approach.



Drive traffic and generate sales during key promotions with direct mail drops.

Introduce shoppers to the Cabinets To Go brand.

Gather leads and nurture them through their journey.



  • Branding + Marketing Strategy
  • Promotional Campaign Management
  • Media Planning
  • Direct Mail


A catalog is more than just a way to introduce shoppers to a brand. The 68-page catalog we created for Cabinets To Go served a dual purpose. First, it showed readers that Cabinets To Go was about dream kitchens, not just cabinets. Second, a catalog request system allowed us to generate leads and then nurture them through the sales journey.

Promotional Mailer

Promotions build urgency. A direct mail piece dropped at just the right time can build major momentum during a promotion. When a consumer receives a mailer, they react to the company’s investment. They feel that this sale is something big and can’t be missed.

Customer Strategy + Segmentation

The key to direct mail is getting it to the right people at the right time for the right reason. Though it sounds simple, successful execution requires detailed analytics.

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