Legend Brewing —
COVID-19 Response Campaign

Take Home a Local Legend

Legend Brewing Co. is the oldest operating craft brewery in the state of Virginia. In response to social distancing measures put in place to slow the COVID-19 outbreak, The Zest Lab was dedicated to helping Legend promote alternative services. We worked with Legend to maintain business while taking efforts to protect the community we all care so much about.



Design and execute tactics that promoted take-out and delivery specials as well as grocery offerings in a way that was responsive and sensitive to the situation.

Communicate care and dedication to customers and thank them for their support.



  • Creative + Production
  • Social Media + Public Relations
  • Media Planning
  • Digital + Web

PR + Local Media

We utilized our network of local press to ensure Legend was mentioned on lists of restaurants providing take-out and delivery. We also worked with local radio who held an on-air gift card giveaway.

Firefighter Meal Campaign

Always with the community in mind, Legend decided to donate meals to local fire stations. As part of our public relations efforts, we made sure this act of kindness received as much coverage as possible.


We took Legend’s organic digital to an eleven. Organic social media and newsletters served as our primary platform to effectively communicate new specials and adjusted hours, and to thank customers for their support. We even partnered with Virginia Tourism’s Takeout Week, a viral campaign dedicated to supporting local restaurants.

Paid Social Advertising

Social media is an effective tool, but to reach the largest possible audience and cut through the clutter bombarding, we launched a paid campaign dedicated to promoting Legend’s new services during this time.

Beer and a Book Campaign

We implemented the Beer and a Book campaign as a way of boosting morale, building community, promoting products, and reinforcing the Legend brand while customers practiced social distancing and self-quarantine.

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