Gracious Home —
Brand Refresh

A Landmark Redesigned

Since 1963, Gracious Home New York has been a landmark for luxury living. This neighborhood institution for Manhattan’s Upper East Side was known for its tagline “Look No Further”, which exemplified its values of quality, assortment, and service.

As the store experience and assortment evolved, Gracious Home also launched a line of home improvement options: kitchens, closets, and flooring. These exciting new categories stand alone outside the store, making the Gracious Home experience more comprehensive and carrying on the legacy.

We identified an opportunity to refresh the brand in a way that would strengthen the store’s connection to its positive history while launching new branded categories that would exist in parallel to the overarching brand.



Refresh Gracious Home’s branding in a way that incorporates its legacy.

Develop parallel branding for the new private line of products which ties seamlessly with the new store brand.



  • Branding + Marketing Strategy
  • Creative + Production
  • Social Media, Influencers + Public Relations
  • Digital, Web + eCommerce
  • Signage, POP + Visual Merchandising


When refreshing the Gracious Home brand, we didn’t start with the creative. We started by revitalizing the value proposition to create a document that informed everything we did—including the look and feel.

Store Assets

If you walk the Upper East Side today, you will still see people carrying the old teal Gracious Home shopping bags. From store displays and signage to credit card and coupons, we brought back the Gracious Home the neighborhood knew and loved with a fresh and modern take.

Digital + Web

More than the in-store experience, we implemented the new branding across an updated website, new email campaigns, social media, and a blog.

Private Line

Gracious Home would no longer be a name only known in the corner of 2nd and 70th. Gracious Home is now available outside of the store as kitchens, closets, and flooring.  We developed branding that was unique, yet clearly still a part of the Gracious Home tradition.

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